celianventures GmbH

Passaustrasse 26

4030 Linz

t. +43 732 71 65 29 555

f. +43 732 71 65 29 3

celianventures is the brainchild of Austrian serial entrepreneur and software innovator Michael J. Kraeftner. After 16 years of teeth grindingly hard, but ultimately quite successful work as Founder/CEO, it is Michaels mission is to accelerate the journey of others to be able to be faster and more focused than he was. CELUM, Michael's first and still thriving company is, with its team of 90 and more than 800 global customers, one of the largest independent software vendors in Austria. 

Why you should pitch your startup idea to us:

  • ​€50.000 Seed Funding ticket size - YAY!
  • Office Coworking Space and logistics support in Linz or Vienna - AWESOME!
  • Software, Sales and Marketing Support (by one of Austrias largest independent Software firms) - OHYEAH!
  • We made a lot of mistakes so you don't have to - ZAPP!